The connection between your relationship and your sex life

Partner relationships that occur in the space between the body and the mind. Desire and sexual attraction will not develop when the relationship is accompanied by pain, anger, humiliation, frustration, low self-esteem and lack of confidence in the relationship. When there are difficulties in relationships, it is unrealistic to be wonderful sexual relationship. General feelings towards his / spouse prevent a common desire for intimacy and harm libido. In addition, a long-standing relationship leads naturally decrease the need to keep the sexual tension, the routine takes over and there is a significant decrease in sexual attraction.
When couples have sex, they take up about ten-twenty percent of the relationship, but when there are problems or difficulties in sex, they perceive one hundred percent of marital problems, marriage problems suggest that, in most cases, difficulties of intimacy and sex. In general, men tend to separate sex and marital relationship as a rule, they do not see a connection between the two areas. In addition, studies show that there is a difference between the sexual needs of both spouses, as the pattern characteristic is that men aspire to have sex more often than women.
Some of the complaints heard in treating both: “She does not want”, “I always proactive”, “I want more of it”, “it is ready all the time …”, “I am not an automaton switched on and off …”, “I am very busy / th and left me want sex “,” I Need / the attention before sex … “,” is not woo … “and so on.

Another reason for difficulties in relationships may be a lack of pleasure in sexual intercourse. No harm to the son / daughter couple, people refrain from being honest and say that sexual relations are not pleasing them, boring, do not provide a sharp decrease. Physical neglect is also a lack of role neglect you sexc life .Things like  pleasure as sex becomes no reward and actually begin to treat them as a burden. When couples do not address these difficulties, frustrations accumulate and cause lack of desire for both partners.

Studies show that more than half of men and women are dissatisfied with sex lives and partycasino one in five couples who are in a committed relationship, live without sex. For most couples have problems with communication, they have no idea how to talk about sex and frustration that accompanies. Some do so for lack of knowledge and other discomfort discuss the issue. Therefore, in most cases, prefer to “sweep under the carpet” the issue of race and causing an accumulation of anger, rejection and frustration, which severely in a relationship.
Libido is affected by many different factors: physiological, psychological, emotional and environmental factors. Decrease with desire and libido can be due to many objective reasons such as hard work, everyday stress, hardship and financial concerns and the like. As well as through psychological, physical-health, depression, hostility, control, and more.
An active sex life and marital relations contribute to good health and physical and mental health. In addition, research has proved that the immune system is improved and a reduction in risk of heart disease. Also, reducing stress and anxiety, sleep disorders and as an analgesic.

However, it is important to remember that there is a difference between men and women desire a good sex life and interpreting it. Women need a long time to reach orgasm in men shorter process. Presumed “If men are microwaves, women are burning stove with a slow” This is a significant difference.
People need security to feel safe and need to feel safe and secure to better sexual function. Difficulty partner relationships, conflicts, constant, objective difficulties? Emotional energy demand and harm the ability to produce sexual energy, passion and sexual desires.